31 October 2008

~ happy 31 oct ~

well..i hope all you chickies are havin an awesome halloween so far. are any of you gettin dressed up? i sure am gonna miss givin out all that yummy candy to the kiddos this year..but heh, i'll make up for it next year. got dh and i a lil pumpkin for the hotel room...and i'm ordering room service tonight with some yummy *specialty* chocolate. yep ~ we're gonna celebrate somehow!
i made those halloween cards for a swap i was in over at lil scrappers. i hand cut that web..whoa..that took a while, but i love the results. i'm sending that to a scrappy friend ~ who lives a long ways away. it'll be a lil late...but, heh...i hope she enjoys.
dh got out of the hospital this morning. he's doing great. still a lil groggy ~ so i got him laying in bed and veggin with the remote. think he'll be there for the most part today. the nurse will be coming by this afternoon to check his dressings and make sure his meds are workin..blah blah blah! other than that..we're veggin today. with all that said ~ i'm wishing everyone a very safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

30 October 2008

~ surgery day ~

UPDATE *whohoo ~ dh made it through his surgery ~ he's sittin up in bed chattin it up a lil with the nurses..i'm poppin over to the hospital at 5 for a visit. can wait to see my sweetie!*
here i am ~ sippin on my morning coffee and listening to all the hustle bustle outside..whoa..lots of traffic at this time in the morning..thank goodness i don't live in the city.
dh is still sleeping ~ yep..it's surgery day today. he'll be going into the hospital at 10:45 ~ surgery is at 11:45. the doc will be repairing another neuroma on the end of his stump. this ain't gonna be an easy surgery for the doc ~ there's quite a mess to work with in there ~ so i'm crossing my fingers and praying hard. i'll be here at the hotel all day waiting for the call so i can go visit him. please keep him in your thoughts today ladies. i'm worried, but am gonna try and keep a positive attitude today and keep busy checkin out all your blogs and chattin it up. thankx in advance. that's a pic of my dh up there...yep ~ he's one *speshal* guy.
if ya get a chance..pop on over to elisabeth's blog..she's got some yummy stuff there..whoa! and..she's got a blog give-away. check it ..i did ~ lovin that art..wow! here's the link: http://www.zhibit.org/elisabethbell/blog go on..i know ya wanna

29 October 2008

~ in the city now ~

well..i managed to get through all the insane traffic out there. we left harrison this morning and here we are in vanvouver..yep in the heart of the city...ACK! whoa..so many buildings and sky scraperz here! and we're on the 12th floor over lookin all them cement blocks ~ a little scary up here..but, i'll survive. don't think i like heights too much! so wish me luck up here!
took a few pics at harrison..can't edit them much here..i'm limited with the programs on dh's laptop ~ but, at least i can share them with ya. and ya'all know we're famous for our maple trees and leafs here ~ so, i took that pic of dh's hand over top of one ~ big heh!
hope all you chickies are havin a scrappin happy hump day! i sure am missing my goodies ~ but, heh..me and my laptop will be checkin out all your blogs and seeing what you've all been up to.
that lo up there is of my dh. that waterfall is at harrison. i blew that pic up to an 8x10 ~ raised it with pop dots ~ the pp under it was wrinkled, distressed and machine stitched on. the weeds on the left side of the lo are stamped, colored and handcut for placement ~ i added some ribbon, stickles, bling and bg rubons for embellies. yep..that place is * the perfect prescription*

28 October 2008

~ another relaxin day ~

heh chickies ~ hope you're all havin a rawkin tues. dh and i spent time again today soakin it up in the springs, going for nice walks along the beach ~ chattin it up with some great peeps and veggin for the day. i'm nice and relaxed and just veggin for the evening. (ok, so i snuck away for a bit while dh is wathin the hockey game..lol).
i wanna tell ya ~ wow ~ i've been coming on my blog and you ladies have been leaving so many wonderful compliments and so much lovin. i just wanna give ya all the biggest hugest hug eva! you rawk!
it was great to check out my emails tonight and find some pics our oldest dd had taken and sent to us. i love those pics of our lil *mojo* (especially the one of him sittin in amongst the pumpkins) yep..i'll be scrappin that when i get home.
oh ya..that's a card i scrapped ~ yep another one done with my xacto knife..(speaking of which..i need new blades)

27 October 2008

~ juz soakin it in ~

before i forget..there's still a chance at some yummy blog candy..the draw isn't til nov 1st..just scroll down to the post ..where the angel pic is..and post there. i got some yummy bling to give away...if ya get a chance ~ check it out.
yep..dh and i made it to harrison hot springs today. absolutely beautiful. didn't get time to take pics. was driving for the most part, went for nice walk the headed over to the springs for a nice long soak then out for sup. sure was nice to soak in the springs.yep..any tension i had is gone..whohoo! that lo i did up there ~ is how i feel when i come here..just a whole lot of *tranquility* and soakin all that r and r in.
tomorrow we're gonna be spending most of the day in the springs and chekin out the town. not much of it, but there's some great lil shops. nope..no scrappy stuff here..mm..maybe i should go into business..lol

26 October 2008

~ totally missed postin yesterday ~

first off..if ya get a chance ladies..pop on over to denise's blog. it's her blog anniversary ~ and yep she's celebratin. congrats chickie! check her out here: //denisesstampingpage.blogspot.com/
there's lots of yummy stuff ~ and of course great inspiration. go on...i know ya wanna.
yep, was a busy day yesterday. had lots of errands to do. dh and i are leaving tomorrow for harrison hot springs. whohoo! can't wait to soak in those springs..and relax a little ~ get rid of any tension i have and clear my head. so looking forward to it. hope to get a few goodies together today to take with me. maybe i'll sneak in a few min to put some cards together while we're away. i'm packin up the laptop..so i'll be able to chat it up. don't wanna miss the crop over at ls and see all those goodies everyone will be makin. well..i'm off..got company coming today..and i gotta get cleaned up ~ have an awesome day chickies!
that lo up there is of our gd..yep blowing bubbles! lots of detail in that one. did some handcuttin, doodlin, threw on some stickles..and even cut out the bubble from the pic and raised that. yep..and even at my age..i still love blowin bubbles

24 October 2008

~ hapi friday chickies ~

whohoo ~ it's friday and the end of another week.
just havin my morning java and editing a few pics.
heading out to get my hair done today..can't wait.
yep..that is well over do! i'm doing the bob thing again.
anyhoo, this is a card i made up last night. yep,
it's made from *apple cinnamon tea bags* ..smells
yummy, too. it called *you and me 4T*.
i'm gonna give it to a friend of mine, who loves
coming for tea.
do hope everyone has a rawkin friday..and hope
you get a chance to get scrappin happy.

23 October 2008

~ another gorgeous day ~

wow..it's just absolutely gorgeous out again today..and i'm putzing around the house..stepping outside lots and breathin in that sunshine! i just love sunny days like this. hope all you ladies are so lucky, too
so..i wanna wish my scrappy happy friend bela a very happy b-day today..yep..she's 44 (and admits it!..you go girl) HAPPY B-DAY CHICKIE..hope ya have a rawkin day!
i did that lo of my dd with a kit i got from lil scrappers..yummy! love that pp.i handcut the design ~ added some bling and stickles..did the journaling..and whalaa..my creation
oh ya..don't forget about my blog candy..scroll down..and if ya haven't already posted..pweeze do..ya just never know if it'll be you that gets picked

22 October 2008

~ nice wed drive ~

first off..see that painting up there..yep..that's dh's. that's what it looks like now after his second class. he went back and played with the clouds again. kewl heh..i'm impressed! sure has more dimension to it now...and he's getting so much enjoyment out of it. tomorrow he's off to attempt those mountains..can't wait!

today dh and i ran away from home. we went for a nice drive along the ocean..out to genoa bay and to the marina. we walked along the peers, checked out some of those beautiful boats, house boats, floats planes..and saw some great sites. the fall colors are absolutely stunning. yep...i was snappin happy today..the 2nd pic is of the marina we went to.

21 October 2008

~ YUM blog candy ~

so, i've been spending the evening doing RAKs (sssshhh)..and i got to thinkin about all my scrappy online friends..yep..they sure have brightened my days, been supportive..and have truly been a friend and special angels.........i could go on and on...so i know all you scrappers just wuv bling and all those sparkley goodies to add that special little touch to your pages..and i've got some of those goodies to RAK out ~ all ya gotta do is comment here on *why your SCRAPPY friends are so special to you*doesn't have to be long..just something short and sweet!
all names will go into a hat..and my sweet dh will draw a name out nov 1 st.

~ ACK ~

ACK! ACK! i could scream about now..was putting a
bunch of RAKs together..and i dumped my well
organized container of 100's of lil tiny itsy
bitsy embellies all over the floor..OMG!
it's gonna like..take me forever to pick them
up and reorganize..this sucks! big time!

(insert mel..crying here ~ just kidding)

edited: dh was so sweet..we got them all
picked up and sorted..WHOHOO!

AND..it's taken me a bit here..couldn't
get on the main page of my blog..oh man,
talk about frustrating. i was loggin on and
it was taking me to my dashboard..but, i wasn't
able to get onto the main page..well, i found this
lil tiny button to click on...beside *view blog*
and whalaa..here i am
man.........seems like everything is going wrong
tonight...i'm gonna go eat supper!

~ nope ~

haven't even touched my scrappy goodies today.
(sshhh..i'm still in my pj's) yep..been busy doing
house stuff, laundry..and cleaning things i've let
fall behind. and yesterday, i didn't get too much done.
dh is in his painting class right now..whohoo..can't
wait to see how his painting is coming along..and yep i'll be posting the update on that as soon as he gets home with the canvas in the meantime, here's a scrappy lo i did of my dh ~ he's my hero!
the journaling reads:she said, 'whatcha thinkin?'he said, 'nuttin'she said, 'you look so deep in thought'he said, 'yep, i get that way sometimes'she said, 'you look so serious'he said, 'nope'she said, 'you ok?'he said, 'ya just quiet today'she said, 'can i help?'he said, 'na i'm ok'she smiled and walked away
sometimes in our relationship i just have to walk away and let him be -- let him have his space -- let him have time to think and sit in silence with his own thoughts. sometimes it's best not to say anything at all. we all need time alone.

20 October 2008

~ update on dd ~

whohoo! got dd home safe and sound..everything is fine ~ she's recovering ok, but will be laid up for a few days. yep ~ still groggy and sore ~ but that's to be expected. thankx to all you chickies that kept her in your thoughts and prayers

~ monday ~

happy monday chickies!
first off...whohoo..i see that aussie chick
has been leavin some lovin here..how kewl
is that..sure miss her! big hugs chickie!
sun is shining here..yep..i gotta get goin
and get me a shower..been busy editin
a card this morning. (kinda got side tracked)
i used a sketch from
ally's *so sketchy blog*..you can check it out
thankx ally for the inspiration
i painted the lil magnolia image with watercolos..ok..
still learning there! ACK!
(sshh..don't tell my gd..but, i'm puttin some
$$ in this card for her at christmas..yep..
she loves $$..but who doesn't)
anyhoo..oldest dd is going in for surgery
today..i'm wishing her the best..so i'm just
hangin out today..waiting for the call from
the hospital to pick her up
hope everyone has a peachy keen day

19 October 2008

~ happy sunday ~

well..what a great way to start my day..won
a set of lil prima stamps over at *tara's*
blog..whohoo! thankx chickie..that's so kewl.
you've made my day!
you can check them out here http://thynner5.blogspot.com/ can't wait to get creatin with them..arent' they
just adorabale.
see that card up there..yep..got me a card RAK from sweet carla p. and that's what i created with it. yummy stuff! thankx chickie.
oh ya ~ and chatted it up with my scrappy friend deb last night..whoa..it's been like foreva, since we spent hours on msn catchin up..sure was great to talk to her. and eh..i gotta send that woman some socks! and i'm so happy..i found sophia,too..how kewl is that! now if i could just get that aussie chickie on here
oh marina..where are u?

18 October 2008

~ my designz ~

~ gd's b-day today ~

yepperz..we're celebratin our gd's b-day today
WHOHOO! gonna be over and out here soon
gotta get ready...and head down to visit and
have some yummy cupcakes..and yep..i got
her some scrappy supplies
oh..and the cardz ~ sweet carla p. sent me
a card kit, along with those *magnolia*
images a while back...and that's what i
created..aren't they just adorable
thankx chickie ~ i definitely had fun
with them

17 October 2008

~ lovin this card makin thing ~

seriously..i've been scrappin for almost 3 years now
and have totally had this fear of doing cards..i just
couldn't seem to *get* scrappin on such a tiny space
and i've been so so jealous of all those gorgeous cards
everyone's been rawkin out...so i've been workin at it..and i gotta tell ya..with the card challenges i've been doing..that fear has
gone..zip..notta..whohoo! i'm totally wuv'n these lil creations..and heh..now i got some creations to send to my friends
thankx to all those ladies for puttin up all those challenges
and pushing me..you rawk
here's a couple of fall cardz i've done

16 October 2008

~ a scrappin happy morn ~

so..i finished up some bookmarks i started last
night ~ michy has got a *bookmark* challenge goin
on over at lil scrappers..using up some of those
scraps we all have layin around
here's what i created ~ they're going to a friend
of mine..who's a teach..and wuv's to read..well,
expect for the black one..dh claimed that one..lol
other than that..well..i'm home today with puppy
he's healing from going to the vet yesterday..poor thing
had 5 baby teeth extracted ~ got fixed ~ got tattoo'd and
2 small hernias repaired..nope..i'm stayin in and stayin
close to my baby

15 October 2008

~ life's messy sometimes ~

here's a lo i did a while back..i call
it *life's messy sometimes* ~ kinda is how i've been
feeling lately ~ yep..life happens that way sometimes
here's the jouranling:
sometimes i wish i could take a tear and put it to a page ~ the tears i cry ~ the tears i feel ~ the drops of love and pain ~ as a parent ~ as a guardian ~ as a peer model ~ as a wife, a friend ..a lover ~ i wish i could show you the tears that i sometimes cry ~ because i tire ~ because i feel hurt or pain ~ or anger ~ frustration ~ so many feelings ~ sometimes bottled up ~ sometimes i just don't understand ~ sometimes i escape ~ and cry my cries ~ in silence ~ because i don't want anyone to really know ~ how i feel ~ why should you have to carry that burden.

14 October 2008

~ dh's first painting class ~

yep..was out for the most part today had to take dh to see his physio therapist
then to his very first *painting*class whohoo! i tell ya..it's been quite a year
and a half, since dh's accident. and we've been trying to find a hobby for him..ok
not so easy, since he lost his dominent arm and is having issues with his left..anyhoo got him signed up for painting classes.. and today..he started..and learned to paint clouds..what a kewl process that was..can't wait to see the completed project! yep..might take a while..but heh we'll get there. i'm so so proud of him

13 October 2008

~ happy scrappin thankxgivin day ~

hope everyone iz havin an awesome thankxgivin and filling your bellies with all that yummy turkey and stuffing and gravy..and all those goodies..
and of course spending time with your
loved ones. i cooked up the big bird yesterday ~ done!
it's pouring rain today..and a lil wet for me to go venturing anywhere..so, i'm stayin in and stayin cozy warm. scrapped another card today..yep..handcut all them flowers..added a few stickles..and whalaa..we're good to go!

11 October 2008

~ gorgeous day ~

woke up this morning
gorgeous sunny day
and yep..here i am..in my jammies
being a bum
scrapped two cards this morning
thankx to carla over at lil scrappers
for the handcuttin challenge
think we're heading out to parksville
today...gonna walk the beach..i gotta
get out of these jammies
and get snappin happy


10 October 2008

~ no scrappin today ~

ok..so i got up this mornin..nothin on
the agenda..had my java..then had this
wonderful thought..of shampooin all
the carpets..ACK! dumby me acted on it!
ok..did that..did laundry...did dishes..
blah blah blah..man..some days..i wish
my head would just shut up and quit
giving me all these ideas ~ honestly
though..felt good to get out for my well
deserved timmy's and have that feelin
of accomplishing a whole lot in my day
(tomorrow...i'm staying home..and stayin
in my jammies ~ yeh right!)

juz havin some editing fun

took a few pics..kinda threw them together
did some softening..
and wahlaa

09 October 2008


a special card for a special friend

~ whohoo ~

i was gettin way too jealous of
all those happy bloggers..and i
wanna be one..so here i am
yep first post
finally got this blog thing half
fast figured out