28 October 2008

~ another relaxin day ~

heh chickies ~ hope you're all havin a rawkin tues. dh and i spent time again today soakin it up in the springs, going for nice walks along the beach ~ chattin it up with some great peeps and veggin for the day. i'm nice and relaxed and just veggin for the evening. (ok, so i snuck away for a bit while dh is wathin the hockey game..lol).
i wanna tell ya ~ wow ~ i've been coming on my blog and you ladies have been leaving so many wonderful compliments and so much lovin. i just wanna give ya all the biggest hugest hug eva! you rawk!
it was great to check out my emails tonight and find some pics our oldest dd had taken and sent to us. i love those pics of our lil *mojo* (especially the one of him sittin in amongst the pumpkins) yep..i'll be scrappin that when i get home.
oh ya..that's a card i scrapped ~ yep another one done with my xacto knife..(speaking of which..i need new blades)


ms318i said...

mel.............you are rocking thse cards girl. how cute is that pumpkin patch pic.........lol

we love you.that's why leave so much lovin

Jackie said...

So happy to hear that you are finally doing nothing but relaxing, you deserve it :)

sarah said...

amazing card! and your pup is so precious!!!


Belas Creating Place said...

Your doggie is the cutest...oh what a lovely pic. I want to see that on a LO>....Aimee has a pumpkin challenge this month.....

Have fun.

Hugs, Bela

TraceyT said...

what a gorgeous card! (as always)! :)