19 October 2008

~ happy sunday ~

well..what a great way to start my day..won
a set of lil prima stamps over at *tara's*
blog..whohoo! thankx chickie..that's so kewl.
you've made my day!
you can check them out here http://thynner5.blogspot.com/ can't wait to get creatin with them..arent' they
just adorabale.
see that card up there..yep..got me a card RAK from sweet carla p. and that's what i created with it. yummy stuff! thankx chickie.
oh ya ~ and chatted it up with my scrappy friend deb last night..whoa..it's been like foreva, since we spent hours on msn catchin up..sure was great to talk to her. and eh..i gotta send that woman some socks! and i'm so happy..i found sophia,too..how kewl is that! now if i could just get that aussie chickie on here
oh marina..where are u?


ALLY said...

OMG MEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you????? I'm a BCer now too!!! I live in Sparwood.... a long ways from the ocean but none the less a BCer!

Hope you, your hubby and family are doing well!!!!

BIG hugs!!! Ally.

Jackie said...

Congrats!! can't think of a better person to win them :) and what a terrific card!

ms318i said...

HERE I AM !!!!!!

omg you are blogging.......yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now i know where to find you.......you are so busy !

hey bikerboy........whooooooo loving the painting ! and mel jr......you rock ! too much talent in that house !!!! lol love it !

great seeing your work.......i want one of those bookmarks too wink wink lol

and you go girl with those cards.......you can do anything !

ms318i said...

stunning card ! love the papers

creative said...

Congrats! Looks like some very cool stamps are coming your way :)

Sophia said...

So glad I found you too, been a while...