17 October 2008

~ lovin this card makin thing ~

seriously..i've been scrappin for almost 3 years now
and have totally had this fear of doing cards..i just
couldn't seem to *get* scrappin on such a tiny space
and i've been so so jealous of all those gorgeous cards
everyone's been rawkin out...so i've been workin at it..and i gotta tell ya..with the card challenges i've been doing..that fear has
gone..zip..notta..whohoo! i'm totally wuv'n these lil creations..and heh..now i got some creations to send to my friends
thankx to all those ladies for puttin up all those challenges
and pushing me..you rawk
here's a couple of fall cardz i've done


Jackie said...

Oh man, you still got my addy right?
cause I have been feeling really yecky lately and need quite a few get well cards to make me feel better ;)

Belas Creating Place said...

Melody, your cards are all so beautiful. I love the green one with the feathers. Stunning.

Yes, I am with Jackie LOL..I need a few
"Thinking of you" cards LOL>....

Here are happy scrappy thoughts for you to have a wonderful creative weekend.


jonaks said...

oh mel, i do miss you. thanks for dropping by my blog. while i was cleaning my scrap area this am. I was thinking of you.

those cards are really beautiful.

Pinky said...

Oh girl you need to be the TS Card designer! for sure! I miss you!! Glad Jona posted your blog!!! (hugs)

deb said...

That green is stunning. Beautiful design. Hugs

ms318i said...

mel..you know how much i love your flowers........beautiful cards sweetie

creative said...

Melody, your cards are stunning!