20 October 2008

~ monday ~

happy monday chickies!
first off...whohoo..i see that aussie chick
has been leavin some lovin here..how kewl
is that..sure miss her! big hugs chickie!
sun is shining here..yep..i gotta get goin
and get me a shower..been busy editin
a card this morning. (kinda got side tracked)
i used a sketch from
ally's *so sketchy blog*..you can check it out
thankx ally for the inspiration
i painted the lil magnolia image with watercolos..ok..
still learning there! ACK!
(sshh..don't tell my gd..but, i'm puttin some
$$ in this card for her at christmas..yep..
she loves $$..but who doesn't)
anyhoo..oldest dd is going in for surgery
today..i'm wishing her the best..so i'm just
hangin out today..waiting for the call from
the hospital to pick her up
hope everyone has a peachy keen day


Jackie said...

Ohhhhhh so gorgeous!!! All the best to your DD. Am I your GD??? LOL

ALLY said...

Gorgeous Mel! Wishing your DD a speedy recovery!! Take care today!

ms318i said...

hey there crazy canadian.......big hugz right back at ya.......and to my bikerboy !

you are so busy these dayz.....nice to know where i can find you all the time........oh i'm so gonna bug you on here lol

sending speedy recovery vibes to dd.......