21 October 2008

~ nope ~

haven't even touched my scrappy goodies today.
(sshhh..i'm still in my pj's) yep..been busy doing
house stuff, laundry..and cleaning things i've let
fall behind. and yesterday, i didn't get too much done.
dh is in his painting class right now..whohoo..can't
wait to see how his painting is coming along..and yep i'll be posting the update on that as soon as he gets home with the canvas in the meantime, here's a scrappy lo i did of my dh ~ he's my hero!
the journaling reads:she said, 'whatcha thinkin?'he said, 'nuttin'she said, 'you look so deep in thought'he said, 'yep, i get that way sometimes'she said, 'you look so serious'he said, 'nope'she said, 'you ok?'he said, 'ya just quiet today'she said, 'can i help?'he said, 'na i'm ok'she smiled and walked away
sometimes in our relationship i just have to walk away and let him be -- let him have his space -- let him have time to think and sit in silence with his own thoughts. sometimes it's best not to say anything at all. we all need time alone.


ms318i said...

mel............stunning page ! so true..........we sometimes need the time alone.........but always nice to know that someone is there for us !

love ya both

Jackie said...

Gorgeous page Mel!

creative said...

What a beautiful page Mel!

Just Jess said...

i just lub the journaling on this

ALLY said...

This is stunning Mel!!!!