21 October 2008

~ ACK ~

ACK! ACK! i could scream about now..was putting a
bunch of RAKs together..and i dumped my well
organized container of 100's of lil tiny itsy
bitsy embellies all over the floor..OMG!
it's gonna like..take me forever to pick them
up and reorganize..this sucks! big time!

(insert mel..crying here ~ just kidding)

edited: dh was so sweet..we got them all
picked up and sorted..WHOHOO!

AND..it's taken me a bit here..couldn't
get on the main page of my blog..oh man,
talk about frustrating. i was loggin on and
it was taking me to my dashboard..but, i wasn't
able to get onto the main page..well, i found this
lil tiny button to click on...beside *view blog*
and whalaa..here i am
man.........seems like everything is going wrong
tonight...i'm gonna go eat supper!


Jackie said...

Awwwww dont cry, just scoop em all up in one big container :)

Jackie said...

Poor Mel, Now go give DH a great big hug and a smoochie with his supper. LOL

ms318i said...

i must admit i was laughing........now you know how we feel when you put all those tiny things in the rak ....SO WHEN OPEN THEM>>>>>ALL OVER US !

that'll teach ya lol

did bikerboy get a smoochie with dinner????

Jackie said...

Yeah, did Monte get his smoochie???