15 October 2008

~ life's messy sometimes ~

here's a lo i did a while back..i call
it *life's messy sometimes* ~ kinda is how i've been
feeling lately ~ yep..life happens that way sometimes
here's the jouranling:
sometimes i wish i could take a tear and put it to a page ~ the tears i cry ~ the tears i feel ~ the drops of love and pain ~ as a parent ~ as a guardian ~ as a peer model ~ as a wife, a friend ..a lover ~ i wish i could show you the tears that i sometimes cry ~ because i tire ~ because i feel hurt or pain ~ or anger ~ frustration ~ so many feelings ~ sometimes bottled up ~ sometimes i just don't understand ~ sometimes i escape ~ and cry my cries ~ in silence ~ because i don't want anyone to really know ~ how i feel ~ why should you have to carry that burden.


Jackie said...

This is totally awesome!!!!

Jackie said...
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deb said...

I love your post Mel and I feel the same way sometimes. Life doesn't always give us a what we ask of it but your scrapping is truly therapy in of itself. Hugs to you. deb

ms318i said...

beautiful !