16 October 2008

~ a scrappin happy morn ~

so..i finished up some bookmarks i started last
night ~ michy has got a *bookmark* challenge goin
on over at lil scrappers..using up some of those
scraps we all have layin around
here's what i created ~ they're going to a friend
of mine..who's a teach..and wuv's to read..well,
expect for the black one..dh claimed that one..lol
other than that..well..i'm home today with puppy
he's healing from going to the vet yesterday..poor thing
had 5 baby teeth extracted ~ got fixed ~ got tattoo'd and
2 small hernias repaired..nope..i'm stayin in and stayin
close to my baby


Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

You have been a busy lil beaver, love all those bookmarks.

jonaks said...

loved those bookmarks. they do look great on my books. LOL!!! you still got my addy!

deb said...

Beautiful Mel - they'd work in my books anytime! : ) Hugs

ms318i said...

did i tell you i want to start reading........but can't start cause then i would have to read a whole book in one go, cause i don't have a bookmark so i can stop at anytime lol

i think i'd love one with a pic of you guys so i can see you all teh time.....am i asking too much? lol