14 October 2008

~ dh's first painting class ~

yep..was out for the most part today had to take dh to see his physio therapist
then to his very first *painting*class whohoo! i tell ya..it's been quite a year
and a half, since dh's accident. and we've been trying to find a hobby for him..ok
not so easy, since he lost his dominent arm and is having issues with his left..anyhoo got him signed up for painting classes.. and today..he started..and learned to paint clouds..what a kewl process that was..can't wait to see the completed project! yep..might take a while..but heh we'll get there. i'm so so proud of him


Jackie said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh I am liking them clouds :)

deb said...

Monte - Those are truly amazing clouds!! Keep up the great work. Think about you often there BikerBoy! : )

ms318i said...

hey bikerboy.........or should i call you michael angelo.......looks great. looking forward to seeing it's progress......

how ya been mate? looking good there !