10 October 2008

~ no scrappin today ~

ok..so i got up this mornin..nothin on
the agenda..had my java..then had this
wonderful thought..of shampooin all
the carpets..ACK! dumby me acted on it!
ok..did that..did laundry...did dishes..
blah blah blah..man..some days..i wish
my head would just shut up and quit
giving me all these ideas ~ honestly
though..felt good to get out for my well
deserved timmy's and have that feelin
of accomplishing a whole lot in my day
(tomorrow...i'm staying home..and stayin
in my jammies ~ yeh right!)

1 comment:

ms318i said...

if i had of know i would have sent you soem pics to scrap.......i'm sure you would have prefered to do them instead of the carpets lol