30 November 2008

~ sunday ~

happy scrappin sunday ladies! hope you're all havin a wonderful day so far. i'm feeling a bit better ~babying my cold yesterday paid off. i'm still a little run down ~ but, a lot better. thankx for all your kind thoughts yesterday.
anyhoo...here's another lo i did with the ~ Layers of Color ~ stamps. that's our granddaughter hayley. i stamped and embossed the frame around the pic. stamped, embossed and handcut the cross, as did the bird. lovin how it turned out. also, i did that card up for ~ Stamp Something ~ challenge this week. in honor of black friday in the US ~ the challenge is to create something...anything using black. i did me a penquin. love that stamp. carla p sent him to me ~ thankx chickie! well..i'm off to finish up this java ~ and get about my day. got a lil clean up to do..then i think i'll blog it for a bit and see what all you chickies have been up to. hope you have a happy scrappy sunday. hugz

29 November 2008

~ i feel so blah ~

yep...i managed to pick up a cold..from somewhere..or someone! ACK! i haven't had one of those in like...foreva! it's nasty..i'm stuffed up..and just feel run down. i got me a nice cup of coffee here and then i'm gonna go soak in a hot tub ~ and get some steam happening. so ~ no gettin scrappy happy for me today. i gonna baby this thing ~ and get betta!
here's a card i did using the ~ Layers of Color ~ stamps ~ yummy eh! gotta love that fish. it's stamped, embossed and handcut. i did up that banner last night ~ carla p. did a tutorial over at lil scrappers for it..yep..gonna hang that up at christmas time. oh..and i also wanted to say a HUGE thankx to tara ~ i received those little stamps for playing a RAK game on her blog ~ aren't they just the cutest..thankx so so much chickie. she also sent me another lil prima stamp with a bird on it that says *life is sweet*..can't wait to get scrappy happy with them.
anyhoo..short and sweet today..i've gotta go baby this cold..and getta feeling betta ~ have and awesome scrappy happy day chickies. hugz

27 November 2008

~ dance ~

yepperz ...here's some more scrappy goodies i created using the ~ Layers of Color ~ stamps. sure am enjoying creating with them. the *merry christmas mom* card is stamped, embossed in white and handcut. the layout is of our gd..isn't she just darlin! that was her doing one of her special ballerina poses. the journaling reads: *dancing faces toward heavan whichever direction you turn*. i stamped, embossed, and watercolored the border and centre of the flower.
so...no gettin scrappy happy today (insert sad mel here) ~ gotta take dh to an appointment shortly ~ then we're off to get the truck re-insured ~ then to visit the gks ~ then off to christmas light up in ladysmith. whohoo ~ we get to see santa today and all the lights! yep..it's a full day today. anyhoo..i'm off..have a rawkin day chickies!

26 November 2008

~ i've been ~

gettin scrappy happy with ~ Layers of Color ~ signature art stamps ..yummy! lovin the designs laura created..and havin fun workin them into some layouts. i did that layout of my youngest dd (melody jr.)..her sweetie gave her that rose..isn't that the sweestest! she edited the pic a little ..love how it turned out..i just had to get scrappy happy with it! the framing design around the pic is done with a *layers of color* stamp, which i embossed and added some stickles for a final touch. i did the same with the title *darlin*. there is some bling on there,too..man..why don't they ever want to show up when you snap the pic..ACK! i also did that card using a *layers of color* stamp..i stamped, embossed and handcut the design. it reads 'bride - groom (with *happily ever after* on the tips of the flower).
well, it's frosty out there today..lookin real chilly..don't think i want to venture too far. looks like i'm gonna have to pull out our winter stuff..real quick like! bbrrr! i am thankful though...there's none of that white stuff! anyhoo..i'm off..gotta do some tidying up..got company coming today. hope you all have a rawkin scrappy happy day! hugz

25 November 2008

~ scrappy tues ~

so..i've been scrappin happy for the past few days. i've been working on some goodies for *layers of color* and i even squeezed in a few challenges over at lil scrappers. ok...i'm pooped..think i'm gonna take a lil break today ~ do some clean up around the house and spend some time with dh. we did get out to the mall last night ~ did a lil christmas shopping ~ and i even got me some new clothes...whohoo! yep..and i ignored all the scrappy displays in the mall ~ that was tough! ..anyhoo ~ carla p has got a couple of sketch challenges going on over at lil scrappers..those are the cards i did up last night..love the designs she created..so yummy! thankx chickie for the inspiration!
well..hope you chickies all have a rawkin day ~ and i hope it's sunny where you are..it's like totally pouring buckets here..ACK! ta ta

23 November 2008

~ please read on ~

i wanted to post this lo. i did it for a scrappy sista over at hywwp ~ rita. she lost her son ~ due to an accident..at such a young age. her and i pm'd each other ~ i got all the info and put together this lo and sent it off to her ~ in memory of her son. i have never met the woman IRL, but we've formed our own special bond..talking on-line. how special is that! the journaling is my own..and formed by only information i recieved from rita. i go into my pics so so often and look at this layout ~ it is an important reminder for me, as to just how important *family* is ~ and that each day should be spent to the fullest. i can only imagine what rita has been through..and my heart is with her always. i have also watched how the ladies have given so much support and love over at hywwp throughout this past year or so, since his passing..and it totally amazes how we can all come together in love, even though we may not have met in person. i know through my own experiences that ALL my on-line scrappy friends have been a God sent and have ALWAYS been a support ~ given encouragement and shown so much love ~ and for that..i will forever be grateful.
the journaling reads:
I don’t know if I’ll ever have the answer to why God called my son at such a young age. Why he chose ‘him’, but I am thankful to have had such a wonderful opportunity to tangibly touch such a beautiful face, to touch his Hands..to feel ~ and to see his smile..so entrancing.I’m thankful too, that I was able to play and dance and sing with him. To see his talents begin to blossom…To grow ~ To laugh with him and see the silly little quirks he’d express. To watch his hurt and see him have the glimpses of learning to let go. To be able to cry together and show the true emotions of love. I sometimes feel so much hurt and at his loss and sometimes I just want to scream. Sometimes I wish I could turn back the hands of time. Sometimes I just want to have him stand in front of me so I could say ’i love you’ just one more time. But I know God has better plans. God knows best and God has given me an angel. An angel that sits above with outstretched wings. An angel in waiting. An angel that enfolds his wings around me with love and tenderness at every passing moment. A perfect angel..my son. I may have many tears..till the day we meet again, but till then..I have a perfect memory of his laughter, his love, his touch ~ and of the lives he’s touched. And now my angel..has the wings to fly because my angel believed.

22 November 2008

~ i've been tagged! ~

morning ladies ~ hope you're havin a rawkin saturday so far..and are scrappin happy!
ok..so i got *tagged* today by carla ~ how sweet ~ and i gotta put down 7 random facts about me ~ ACK! ok..here it goes...
1. i firewalked years ago..yep..across red hot coals..kewl heh..and nope i didn't burn my feet!
2. i'm a freak over spiders ~ i even chased one down with a bottle of bleach..ewww..those things are creepy! i know..i know..bad mel!
3. i'm a perfectionist ~ i even fold my dirty laundry
4. i don't like company before noon ~ i HAVE to have my house cleaned 1st. definitely not a morning person.
5. i used to be into martial arts ~ now i'm gettin a scrappers butt!
6. i love cheese! never can buy enough of that stuff!
7. i hate flying..i have no idea how the heck i'm gonna get to australia..someone..knock me out pweeze!

and now..i'm taggin 7 more peeps:
1. check out ~ Jona's Stuff ~ she's over in the phillipines..beautiful work. i totally wuv her clusters..yummy!
2. oh ya gotta go here, too ~ Pinky's Stuff ~ love her style ~ and has lots of special little touches. i love visiting her blog ~ there's alwayz something going on!
3. ~ Erin's Stuff ~ has got some funky kewl, rawkin stuff! love this chickies style!
4. now if ya wanna see some great digi stuff ~ Julie's Stuff ~ has that! check it out! she also does scrappy happy los with paper ~ what a wonderful inspiration.
5. ~ Shirley's Stuff ~ is yummy yummy! yepperz..she's got scrapalious scrappy stuff, too.
6. ~ Sophia's Stuff ~ my scrappy friend..all the way from africa ~ so inspiring ~ and encouraging.
7. and if ya wanna get into some challenges.. ~ Tara's Stuff ~ has got that going on..she's always got some goodie stuff happening at her blog ~ and does beautiful scrappy stuff..check it out!
hugz chickie!

21 November 2008

~hiding out scrappin ~

yep..that's what i've been doin today! i recieved my stamps from *layers of color*. wowza they are SO yummy! the owner laura was so generous. i'm in awe! i had to get scrappin happy with them right away.....got 4 cards almost done..and i'm hoping to get started on a layout this evening. if ya get a chance ladies check out the site..yummy stuff there..and yep..i mean yummy! the link to the site in one my sidebar! and yep..they've even got some new ones coming out in the early part of 2009..stayed tuned..you'll wuv them, too!
anyhoo..hope everyone is having a scrappy happy day..i'm off..i got some sewing to do on a couple of cards..and i'll be finished those..whohoo! ta ta!
that one 6x12 lo is of my aussie friend, her hubby and son! sure are special peeps! boy..i can't wait to get to australia one day and hug that chickie and soak my toes in the sand...and yep, i'll be cooking my huge hamburgers for arch when i get there (only if he takes me for a cruise on his harley..lol) the other 6x12 is of our darlin gd..she's just the sweetest lil girl eva!

20 November 2008

~ gks are the best ~

yep...they are! they always have that *special* smile..that *special* lil hug..and always give that undivided attention. our lil gks are really a joy ~ and i love going to visit them. they both have their own personalities..and are always so welcoming ~ and boy..can they make ya laugh. i'm so thankful to have them close by..for those drop in visits and grab a lil squeeze. they just always *make my day*. thank God for those lil joys in life.
well..it's pouring buckets today..yep..it's wet out there! gotta take dh to an appointment ~then i'm comin home to do a lil clean up and get scrappin happy. hope everyone has a *peachy keen day*..hugz

19 November 2008

~ a frosty morn ~

yep..winter is definitely on it's way. there's frost out there..white..and boy is it lookin cold. i'm thankful though..there's none of that *white fluffy* stuff coming down ~ sure don't want to be shovelling any of that stuff ..any time soon! the sun is shining, so hopefully it'll warm up a bit ~ i'm hopin to get out in the yard today ~ to trim the trees and do some clean up.
i got scrappyin happy last night and did that card. it was inspired by a sketch michy did over at lil scrappers ~ thankx chickie for the inspiration. today i gonna be digging into some card kits that were sent to me ~ and try and do those up. there's so many yummy lil goodies that are just waiting to be played with. well ~ i need me a coffee ~ gotta get cleaned up and get this body motivated. hope everyone has a great day..and you all stay safe and warm. hugz

18 November 2008

~ WHOHOO ~ it's done! ~

my ACRYLIC ALBUM ~ done! here it is chickies. it was fun creating this one ~ trying to co-ordinate everything..when you can see through the pages..yep..totally interesting! i'm lovin the results. those pics are of my youngest dd. she was a friend's escort at his grad last year ~ and her fave pics. i wanted to put a little something together for her to keep.
my scrappy friend bela over at lil scrappers gave me an award this morning..how kewl is that! thankx chickie..you made my day. you can check her stuff out here.. ~ Bela's Stuff ~ so..i'm just finishing up my morning coffee..got these pics finally taken (ok..i was so trying not to get the glare on the pages...that took a while) and i got one scrappy mess here to clean up ~ gotta take dh to an appointment today ~ and i so gotta get this house cleaned. hope you all have a wonderful day..and ya get to get scrappin happy!
oh ya..and denise will be opening up a new line of stamps..gotta check it out chickies..she's got a sneak preview of them on her blog..ya can check it out here
Stamping With Denise ..they're adorable..i wuv that turtle!

17 November 2008

~ sunny tues ~

here i am havin my morning java..and wow..the sun is shining..looks like another gorgeous day out! i have a crystal hangin in my living room window..and the rainbow colors reflecting on my walls are gorgeous. i'm heading out soon..gotta take dh to an appointment..then off to do some christmas shopping and see if i can find a few things on dd's christmas list! then i hope to get scrappy happy. whohoo!
i got my acrylic album finished up last night...gotta figure out how to take pics of it now, without gettin a glare ...mm...got any ideas?...anyone? i also did up a card challenge that michy's got going on over at lil scrappers.. the challenge requires that you use only 4 items on your card...ACK! that's hard for me..i love lots of goodies on my cards. anyhoo..i gave it a go..i used 1 bling, i flower, 1 handcut pp and 1 rubon. not bad eh! i kinda like how it turned out..might just have to give that a go again.
well..i'm over and out ~ hope ya all have a rawkin day!

16 November 2008

~ *inspirational* posting

so..i get an email yeterday from dawn ~ complimenting me on my work. how sweet. she also asked if she could feature my work on *inspirational* . how kew is that! yepperz..i agreed..and i got an email back..and whalaa..it's there..on the main page. you can view it HERE . that just totally made my day! thankx dawn! i also got to checkin out some of the work on there..wowza ~ there's so much eye candy...check it out ladies if ya get a chance. there's also tutorials..yummy!
well..i've been up this morning..working on my acrylic album...just letting some stickles dry and puttin on some final touches!
dh and i were gonna go for a nice drive today ~that's out! wow..it's so foggy outside right now..there's no way a scenic drive is happening today...so..i'm stayin in and stayin scrappy happy. hope you all have a rawkin day.

15 November 2008

~ juz lazin it ~

heh chickies! yep..it's saturday..and i've been scrappy happy and juz lazin it. i took a peek over at STAMP SOMETHINGthis morning and they've got their new challenge up ~ a sketch! so, i got out some scrappy goodies and came up with that card. the sketch required three stamped images..and whalaa..i did the butterflies. i stamped 6 of them..and layered the three. dh is watching a game right now..then we're heading out to do some shopping. i'm hopin to find a few little christams goodies for our dd ~ santa's shopping late this year..ACK! i phoned her this morning..and of course she gave me a LONG list...wow ~ teens sure has expensive tastes. don't think i can keep up with that.
anyhoo ~ hope you're all gettin scrappy happy ~ i'm off to load the link onto stamp something and check out some bloggers..have an awesome day!
oh ya..and wanted to give ya the update on dh's painting..yepperz..that's after his 3rd class ~ kewl heh! next class will be another mountain ~ then some trees and a waterfall! it's so neat seeing the progress. yepperz, i'm proud of my dh!

14 November 2008

~ takin a break ~

..yep..that's what i've been doing! haven't blogged it or been on the comp much for the past couple of dayz. just needed a break ~ to get caught up on some lost zzzz's. dh hasn't been sleepin too good..and yep, everytime he wakes up..i wake up. bummer. so, i've been on the couch veggin it or that last couple of dayz..watched some tv (which i don't do often)..and just putzin around the house! i did manage to get my scrappin stuff pretty well re-oranganized ~ whohooo! sure felt good gettin it sorted ...just have one more lil box to do..and i'm done! i started workin on an acyrlic album last night...whoa..that's quite interesting to c-ordinate on both sides. i can'ts wait to see see the end results. that lo there is of our sweet gd. i handcut all those swirls...printed the pic on good ol regular paper..handcut it ~ the plastered modge podge over top! all the flowers have stickles on them to give a 3D effect. just wanted to try a lil something different with the pic..i kinda like how it turned out. also, i've been involved with an atc swap..those are a couple of the atcs i did for the vintage theme ~ *origin 1959* is the year i was born.
well..i'm over and out..got some bloggin to do ~ emails to catch up on and some posting..hope you all have a rawkin scrappy happy day!

11 November 2008

~ in honor of our veterans ~

on the 11th month on the 11th day on the 11 hour ~ may we always take 2 minutes of silence to *remember*... if you get a chance, take a moment to listen to this *video* by terry kelly. a beautiful song he wrote in memory of our veterans a pittance of time you can also read the story behind the song. it's very heartwarming. there have been times when i have not be able to attend a ceremony. On the 11th hour i have played this song ~ in memory.
i have to say the fall colors are just beautiful outside. so many different shades. i recieved a card kit from bela over at lil scrappers for doing one of her challenges ~ that's the card i created with it. *thankx bela*. love that image..just kinda makes ya wanna curl up with a nice cuppa hot chocolate with a friend and keep cozy warm. with that..i'm sending tons of hugs to each and every one of you ~ have a wonderful day.

10 November 2008

~ happy monday ~

morning ladies! hope everyone is have an awesome day so far. the sun is shining here..whohoo! gonna be heading out soon. i'm takin dh to a few appointments, then have dog obedience classes tonight.
i received a few card kits from the ladies over at lil scrappers. thankx chickies. yummy stuff! the first card was created from the kit i received from carla ~ isn't that lil guy adorable! the 2nd card was created from the kit i recieved from michy..yummy stuff! love that chipboard branch and bird. thankx again ladies..i had fun gettin scrappy happy with the kits. i also did some photo editing last night..and workin with some digi elements. that's the pic i came up with ~ fun stuff !

09 November 2008

~ gettin scrappy happy ~

my mojo was happening this morning. yikes..i'm still sittin here in my jammies...sshhh! carla's got a card challenge going on over at lil scrappers ~ using stitchin, blossoms, chipboard, a tag and buttons...so..i pulled out my pp..and scrappy goodies ~ got the sewing machine set up and whalaa..my creation. ok..so, i didn't exactly use a tag..but, let's pretend that journaling card is one...lol! i tried.
well..now that i got something created today..i feel much better..gonna go about my day here..got get a few things done up ~ and head out for some shopping. i got dog obedience classes tomorrow and i'd like to get my pup a different lease for training..oh and some special treats. hope everyone has a rawkin sunday.

08 November 2008

~ ack..rain again! ~

yepperz...it'z pouring buckets out there again today. perfect day to get scrappin happy.
~ STAMP SOMETHING ~ has got a lil challenge goin on ~ so, i thought i'd check it out. i bought that lil *high hopes* stamp from carla ~ isn't she darlin. ok..so i'm still workin at this stampin thing (haven't done many) but, do love the effects of using water colors and just playin. so, i'll keep plugging away at it.
well ~ this missy better get off this comp and get some house work done! hope you all have a rawkin day.

07 November 2008

~ quiet friday ~

yepperz..been a quiet couple of dayz here. dh hasn't been feeling well. bummer. so, i've just been hanging out at home..and trying to keep my spirits high ~ despite! i've been going through some of my old old scrappy stuff (ok..well..a couple of years old). whoa..forgot i had made some of that stuff! you know...those things like mini albums and altered goodies. ran across that mini album i made of our youngest dd..mel jr ~ it was altered with coasters. cut up some pp..did some machine stitchin..added the pics..a few embellies and whala! kinda kewl going back and seeing some of those old creations and how much you're work has changed over time. do you check your ol' scrappy stuff out often?

05 November 2008

~ hump day ~

yep..it's middle of the week..happy hump day everyone! well, i got scrappy happy last night finished up two los and got snappin the pics this morning..whohoo! here's one of the los i did of our granddaughter *miss hayley*. the journaling reads: upon angel wings ~ she flys. the lo is a scraplift of lynn's over at hywwp. thankx chickie for the inspiration. gotta snap a pic of the other lo..and get that uploaded, too..but, i'm havin my java first...and going to go wake up dh..whoa..he's been catchin up on his zzzzz's. hope you all have a rawkin day.

04 November 2008

~ unpackin and scrappin ~

ok..so started unpackin yesterday from our trip ~ had to finish that up today. yep, i had like way too much laundry to get done..yikes. does that stuff *ever* end! anyhoo, got the house cleaned up today, laundry pretty well washed, folded and put away...AND i snuck out to get some adhesive (snuck out yesterday..and bought the wrong stuff...ACK! what an idot) so i could get scrappy happy.been working on and off on a couple of los today. yep, i'll have them uploaded tomorrow. just veggin tonight ~ gonna head on over to my fave hangouts and get caught up.hope you chickies all had a rawkin day!
the lo is of my sweet gd hayley and her cousin xavier. i just wuv that pic..so so precious!