01 November 2008

~ blog winner ~

happy nov 1st chickies. wow has this year gone by fast. hope everyone had a safe halloween (and got lots of yummy candy). dh and i sure had an awesome view of the fireworks going off in the city last night. yep up here on the 12th floor ~ you sure see lots!
dh picked the winner of my blog candy. i would like to thank all you chickies for all your wonderful posts and for participating. yep..sure does make me grateful for all my online friends..each and everyone one of you is so so special. so...dh picked the winner and it's my sweet online sista over at hywwp..KATT CONGRATS CHICKIE! i'll get your goodies together when i get home and have it postal asap. i'll keep ya updated. here's what katt said about her scrappy online friends: *I love my scrappy friends @ paper, cause they are not only my friends but my family! I love each and everyone of those women like a sister, some a mother.....and I can tell everyone of them almost anything! LUVS YA MEL!* big hugs chickie!
dh is feelin a lot better today..whoa did he ever sleep yesterday..which is all good..i'm hopin he'll be able to travel today..would love to get him home and in his own environment. he's so much more comfortable in his own bed..kwim!
anyhoo, there's a couple of cards i had done not long ago..and that lo is of dh when in was in for his revision surgery..yep, this time around it was the same docs, same hospital and they did a fabulous job. i want to say a huge thank you to them for lookin after my dh so well. and also a HUGE thanks to all my scrappin friends for all their love and support through this time.
you chickies totally rawk! love ya'all


Rosemary (vellumx) said...

Yahoo on Katt's win!!! Thankk you Mel for all you do for your 'sisters'...We love ya, girlfriend....{{{hugs}}}

ms318i said...

congrats katt.....enjoy your goodies.

mel that is a gorgeous layout and cards.........

greta to hear bikerboy is doing well.......and hopefully you'll get home soon........

sending big hugz to you both

melody said...

thanks marina ~ sending big hugs back your way!
and love ya, too roe..you're so sweet

Jackie said...

Mel I love that layout of Monte, AWESOME!!!!