22 November 2008

~ i've been tagged! ~

morning ladies ~ hope you're havin a rawkin saturday so far..and are scrappin happy!
ok..so i got *tagged* today by carla ~ how sweet ~ and i gotta put down 7 random facts about me ~ ACK! ok..here it goes...
1. i firewalked years ago..yep..across red hot coals..kewl heh..and nope i didn't burn my feet!
2. i'm a freak over spiders ~ i even chased one down with a bottle of bleach..ewww..those things are creepy! i know..i know..bad mel!
3. i'm a perfectionist ~ i even fold my dirty laundry
4. i don't like company before noon ~ i HAVE to have my house cleaned 1st. definitely not a morning person.
5. i used to be into martial arts ~ now i'm gettin a scrappers butt!
6. i love cheese! never can buy enough of that stuff!
7. i hate flying..i have no idea how the heck i'm gonna get to australia..someone..knock me out pweeze!

and now..i'm taggin 7 more peeps:
1. check out ~ Jona's Stuff ~ she's over in the phillipines..beautiful work. i totally wuv her clusters..yummy!
2. oh ya gotta go here, too ~ Pinky's Stuff ~ love her style ~ and has lots of special little touches. i love visiting her blog ~ there's alwayz something going on!
3. ~ Erin's Stuff ~ has got some funky kewl, rawkin stuff! love this chickies style!
4. now if ya wanna see some great digi stuff ~ Julie's Stuff ~ has that! check it out! she also does scrappy happy los with paper ~ what a wonderful inspiration.
5. ~ Shirley's Stuff ~ is yummy yummy! yepperz..she's got scrapalious scrappy stuff, too.
6. ~ Sophia's Stuff ~ my scrappy friend..all the way from africa ~ so inspiring ~ and encouraging.
7. and if ya wanna get into some challenges.. ~ Tara's Stuff ~ has got that going on..she's always got some goodie stuff happening at her blog ~ and does beautiful scrappy stuff..check it out!
hugz chickie!


bolha said...

Thanks for sharing your fact about you. You made me laugh. :)
x Natasha x

Jackie said...

Awesome layout my friend, WTG!

Creative Chaos said...

A fantastic LO !!! And ehhh... i used to have a birdspider as a pet when ik was a lil chicky :-))
Patti xx

ms318i said...

lol too funny mel........just get a bottle of sleeping tablets and you'll be over here in no time ! lol

Dawn said...

Stunning stunning layout!!

Firewalking!!! Good Grief !!!


Shirley said...

OMGosh! I've been tagged by Mel!! Gotta love it!

Chrissy D said...

I want to come over and scrapbook with you! MAN! You are so gifted! Beautiful pages! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog too! TFS!

Anonymous said...

So fun reading about you, Mel!!!! I'm not a fan of flying either.. have never, so we'll have to go together! ;)