25 November 2008

~ scrappy tues ~

so..i've been scrappin happy for the past few days. i've been working on some goodies for *layers of color* and i even squeezed in a few challenges over at lil scrappers. ok...i'm pooped..think i'm gonna take a lil break today ~ do some clean up around the house and spend some time with dh. we did get out to the mall last night ~ did a lil christmas shopping ~ and i even got me some new clothes...whohoo! yep..and i ignored all the scrappy displays in the mall ~ that was tough! ..anyhoo ~ carla p has got a couple of sketch challenges going on over at lil scrappers..those are the cards i did up last night..love the designs she created..so yummy! thankx chickie for the inspiration!
well..hope you chickies all have a rawkin day ~ and i hope it's sunny where you are..it's like totally pouring buckets here..ACK! ta ta


ms318i said...

mel you are rocking those cards sweetie........love them !

have a great evening !

Anonymous said...

*Gorgeous* cards, Mel!!! You are definitely one of my top faves.. your work is so inspiring! YUM!!! :)

Good for you for passing all those scrappy displays at the mall... I don't know that I could... rotfl!! ;)

Dawn said...

Some more brilliant stuff - I so love the MME ivy paper!


jonaks said...

all your cards are gorgeous. of course, i treasure most the one you sent me. loved it always!