14 November 2008

~ takin a break ~

..yep..that's what i've been doing! haven't blogged it or been on the comp much for the past couple of dayz. just needed a break ~ to get caught up on some lost zzzz's. dh hasn't been sleepin too good..and yep, everytime he wakes up..i wake up. bummer. so, i've been on the couch veggin it or that last couple of dayz..watched some tv (which i don't do often)..and just putzin around the house! i did manage to get my scrappin stuff pretty well re-oranganized ~ whohooo! sure felt good gettin it sorted ...just have one more lil box to do..and i'm done! i started workin on an acyrlic album last night...whoa..that's quite interesting to c-ordinate on both sides. i can'ts wait to see see the end results. that lo there is of our sweet gd. i handcut all those swirls...printed the pic on good ol regular paper..handcut it ~ the plastered modge podge over top! all the flowers have stickles on them to give a 3D effect. just wanted to try a lil something different with the pic..i kinda like how it turned out. also, i've been involved with an atc swap..those are a couple of the atcs i did for the vintage theme ~ *origin 1959* is the year i was born.
well..i'm over and out..got some bloggin to do ~ emails to catch up on and some posting..hope you all have a rawkin scrappy happy day!


ms318i said...

well good to hear you have been doing nothing ! just relaxing ....always nice to snooze on the couch. hugz to bikerboy.

gorgeous work as always....and i can't wait to see the acrylic album.......i'd love to try it one day........i'll wait to see how you do it first lol

Katt said...

You have some of the bestest ideas! Love the cut work and I love that you tucked the photo behind it. I may have to give that a try!

Calv said...

A break is good once in a while, have to say i love your blog Melody, no particular fave, it's all lovely. I love the use of black lace. Thanks.