26 December 2008

~ ouch ~

ACK...this is not good! i fell christmas morning..of all dayz..down the stairs outside, while takin the dog for his morning walk. yep..it had snowed all night and there was lots of that white fluffy stuff on the stairs..and ice underneath.....ACK! so, anyhoo ~ i fell ~ and got me an ow eeee! (well ..a few ow-eee's) bruised my elbow, hip..got scratches on my back..shoulder and shoudler blade is real sore and now going into my lower back ~ so, here i am veggin with the laptop...takin advil every 4 hours...and not movin far! dh has been awesome today..helpin me out..what a sweetie. speakin of which, that's a pic of dh's finished painting...and wow..i'm in awe of what he completed...to think it's done with his opposite hand and one hand only ~ whao! it's definitely a treasure! and wow..were the kids shocked when they saw it ~ it was a great surprise to them all..since, we had kept it a secret this whole time...ha ha..got them! anyhoo...the holiday season has been fabulous..lots of visiting and yummy food...but, i'll be home now for the next little bit ~ hope to get a little scrappy happy time in ~ veg ~ and heal! yep and i'm gonna be bloggin it! hope the holiday season is treating everyone well. and thankx to everyone for all there inspiration throughout this past year ~ and leavin all your lovin here..i've met so many wonderful ladies and have been so inspired ~ i am so grateful! oh ya...and kath's got some yummy blog candy going on ~ check it out HERE


Craftyfingerz said...

Hi Melody, hope you are feeling much better. that painting is fabulous :-)
Wishing you and your family ALL THE BEST in the new year...looking forward to your scrapping in the New Year :-)

Sophia said...

Sorry to hearing you feeling yucky my friend, hope you are better soon. Monty's painting is awesome!!!

ms318i said...

you silly billy..........don't you know how to walk down snowy steps by now sheesh.........you need to be in australia lol


mel.......you need to take a pic of the painting with the artist(bikerboy) and get him to autograph the snap shot and send it to me........i wanna be able to say i know the artist when he gets famous lol

Bee10 said...

Sorry to hear about your fall , hope soon be feeling less sore. Montes pic is fab , well done Monte.
have a great new year
Barbara x

Pinky said...

Ouch Mel, take care girl and your right this painting is amazing! WOW he has so much creativity!

Dawn said...

Hiya Melody
Aww poor you - I can almost feel you bumping down them stairs!
You'll be black and blue my friend so take it easy - hope here is no lasting damage!
Your hubby's picture is truly inspirational - such determination and what a brilliant result - tell him "Well Done Sir" from me!
I would just like to say you are the sweetest nicest lady and I so look forward to your heart warming comments. I am glad to have met you be it all in cyber space!
Have a nice day - it's 8pm here - dark and cold - but no snow - Thank Goodness!
Heaps of Hugs

katy said...

Hi Melody, you found me !! :) I'm adding you to my links, thoroughly enjoyed drooling over your fabulous creations, i adore the pyramid friendship card..it's beautiful.

Hope you recover ok from your fall, sounds nasty !! we had a rare, minor snowfall a few weeks ago in the UK and it stuck around for ages cos it was soooooo cold, it was a nightmare to get around, snow on top of ice, not the best combo. You take care now, and wishing you all the very best for the New Year...i shall be back, your work's amazing xx

p.s and the painting !! one talented man x

jonaks said...

oh, Mel this is such a beautiful painting of your dh. Hope you are better now!