31 December 2008

~ 2009 ~

i would like to wish all you chickies a very happy 2009 ~ may it be prosperous ~ may it be filled with lots of love ~ laughter and sunshine ~ and may your days be filled with gettin scrappy happy and sharing those special memories.
a huge *thank you* to everyone for your inspiration and all your blog love ~ i'm so looking forward to another funfilled scrappy happy year.

29 December 2008

~ i'll admit it ~ *update* ~ whohoo

i'm a whole big *49* today..ACK!..almost hitting that big 50! one more year..ssshhhh! so far ~ it's been a quiet day ~ kinda liken my space this morning. i've been putzing ~ havin my morning java in peace and quiet and just veggin in my jammies. dh and i will be going out for sup later tonight ~ well..that's if it doesn't snow too hard. also, i would like to wish carla's (from lil scrappers) dd a very happy b-day..she's 11 today! whohoo ~ so kewl she's got it on the same day as me. that's the card i did for the ~ Stamp Something ~ challenge. great way to spend my b-day morning. they got a sketch going on over there right now. thought i'd never get this challenge done. i've been happy scrappy slacking off ~ just too much stuff going on throughout the holidays. but..ah..that's all settled now! back to the regular routine. hope you all have a scrappy happy monday!
UPDATE: so...dh got me some gorgeous flowers for my b-day ~will snap a pic in a lil bit ~ and and AND he got me a scratch and win ~AND ~ I WON! I WON! I WON ~ A 42 in PLASMA TV! isn't that kewl...i'm SO stoked! i mean ~ like seriously ~ i'm stoked!

26 December 2008

~ ouch ~

ACK...this is not good! i fell christmas morning..of all dayz..down the stairs outside, while takin the dog for his morning walk. yep..it had snowed all night and there was lots of that white fluffy stuff on the stairs..and ice underneath.....ACK! so, anyhoo ~ i fell ~ and got me an ow eeee! (well ..a few ow-eee's) bruised my elbow, hip..got scratches on my back..shoulder and shoudler blade is real sore and now going into my lower back ~ so, here i am veggin with the laptop...takin advil every 4 hours...and not movin far! dh has been awesome today..helpin me out..what a sweetie. speakin of which, that's a pic of dh's finished painting...and wow..i'm in awe of what he completed...to think it's done with his opposite hand and one hand only ~ whao! it's definitely a treasure! and wow..were the kids shocked when they saw it ~ it was a great surprise to them all..since, we had kept it a secret this whole time...ha ha..got them! anyhoo...the holiday season has been fabulous..lots of visiting and yummy food...but, i'll be home now for the next little bit ~ hope to get a little scrappy happy time in ~ veg ~ and heal! yep and i'm gonna be bloggin it! hope the holiday season is treating everyone well. and thankx to everyone for all there inspiration throughout this past year ~ and leavin all your lovin here..i've met so many wonderful ladies and have been so inspired ~ i am so grateful! oh ya...and kath's got some yummy blog candy going on ~ check it out HERE

24 December 2008

~ merry christmas 2008 ~

whohoo ~ christmas eve today! yep...the big day is tomorrow!
i'm packing up the pressies ~ the ham ~ and some goodies this morning and heading to our dd's for a big sup and spend the day with the family. yepperz..and the little ones will be opening their pressies from santa. (i think their already getting restless waiting for us)...it's going to be a busy next couple of dayz ~ so, i won't be around much. i would like to wish all you chickies a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS ~ may the holiday season bring lots of love, laughter and sunshine (and not too much of that white fluffy stuff). may you stay safe and cozy warm! love ya all chickies.

22 December 2008

~ a special *thank you* ~

whoa..can you beleive it... christmas is just around the corner ~ 3 more days ~ i just finished doing the last of my shoppin tonight ~ whoohoo! we're back safe and sound, cozy warm ~ and out of that white fluffy stuff! bbrr..it's cold out there! we're in the minus's now..ack!
i'd like to thank two special ladies! 1st off ~ i received a beautiful email from laura ... the owner of ~ Layers of Color ~ and wow ~ she sent me a christmas pressie ~ how sweet is that! she sent me a one year subscription to Stampington’s, The Stampers’ Sampler in my name..i'm SO excited and will so cherish each and every mag..whohoo! 2nd ~ i went to the mailbox today...and wowza..got a package from my crazy aussie scrappy friend marina (yep, that's her in that pic up there) WOW! yep..that box was full of yummy aussie goodies; an aussie martial art t-shirt, my fave candy (wuv them suckers), some sours, a shopping bag, a journaling book, a snow globe, an aussie date book, an aussie diary, a beautiful 2009 flower aussie calendar and a beautiful handmade card! oh..and monte's fave of all ~ tim tams! YUMMY! (that's the pic up there of all those goodies) TO BOTH MARINA AND LAURA ~ THANK YOU SO SO MUCH LADIES! WOW! SENDING YA THE BIGGEST HUGEST HUGZ EVA! merry christmas !

18 December 2008

~ a soldiers christmas ~

happy scrappy thursday chickies!
i've been receiving lots of emails with the *soldiers christmas poem* ~ i think it's so important for all of us to remember each and every one of our soldiers ~ especially at this time of the year..when most will not be home with their families. my heart is with them. so..i decided to scrap a lo *to remember*.
...for the stamped, embossed and handcut design beside the journaling, i used ~ Layers of Color ~ stamps to create the design ~ i also stamped, embossed and handcut the brown and gold border strip. and yep...i *handstitched* around the circle...whoa...that took a while!
you can read the journaling here: A Soldier's Christmas Poem

16 December 2008

~ tag you're it ~

i got scrappin happy last night and did the challenge for
~ Tag You're It ~ the challenge is to create a tag using the colors aqua and brown...ok...so i searched through my stash and that's the closest i could come to aqua..anyhoo ~ i gave it a try! the background is stamped and spritzed with glimmer mist ~ yep..it does have that shimmery shine. thankx for the challenge chickies.
well..i'm off to have myself a java and get about my day ~ gotta take dh to an appointment today and venture out in all that white stuff ~ ACK! have a rawkin day chickies


11 December 2008

~ scrappy happy thurs ~

heh chickies ~ well..the sun is shining here today ~ and i've been scrappin happy! whohoo..can't complain. been working with
~ Layers of Color ~ stamps and made a few projects. i've been wanting to make a 'friendship' pryamid card like......foreva ~ so..i pulled out the stamps..and played away. that's what i came up with. the journaling on the inside reads: "friends are kisses blown to us by angels" and "friend is one who strengthens you with prayers ~ blesses you with love and encourages you with hope" and "friends are those who make you laugh ~ yet wipe your tears away". the outside reads: "play 2gether, laugh 2gether, pray 2gether" .yep..i'll be making another one of these soon. both cards are also done with LOC stamps. the design on the 2nd card is stamped, embossed and spritzed with glimmer mist. the 'fleur' and 'heart' stamp is also from layers of color.
well..i'm off ~ whoa..have i got one scrappy mess to clean up! ACK! hope all you chickies have a rawkin scrappy happy thurs. hugz

08 December 2008

~ excited here ~

morning chickies! i'm so excited! i got an email from laura at *layers of color* ~ she has now put up my gallery ~ it's official ~ i'm there on the site and on the DT working with such an inspiring team and gettin scrappy happy! laura and her dh has been working to get my gallery up and running ~ whoohoo! you can check out my gallery and read about me here:
~ Layers of Color ~ (juz go to the top of the page..and click on galleries/designers). i've been so lovin gettin scrappin happy with the stamps ~ creating cards and layouts and so looking forward to working with the new upcoming stamps laura has created. keep checkin back here..i'll keep ya updated.
well...i'm off for the rest of the day. gotta take dh to some appointments and then i'm home..and gettin scrappy happy. hope you ladies have a rawkin scrappy happy monday! hugz to all!

05 December 2008

~ bronchitis ...ACK ~

ok..had enough of being sick ~ ...got myself to the doc this morning..and yep..i have bronchitis and signs of asthma..ACK! ok..so, he gave me some medication..and i'm on my way to gettin better..whohoo! hope this stuff works fast...feelin this down has not been good..and it's interferring with my scrappy time. i was gettin to feelin so down ~ so last night i just said enough is enough ~ got up off the couch...put up our christmas tree..and i'm getting into the *spirit* despite how i feel! i even did some baking ~ got some pies done ~ did up some butter tarts today and *melt in your mouth* shortbread ~ and i even got the peanut butter cups in the freezer..ready for that special day. i'm so behind on bloggin it ~ and chattin it up on the boards ~ but ~ heh..i'll be back catchin up now ~ cause i refuse to *stay stuck*. i did up a tag for the challenge over at ~ Tag You're It ~ got to peekin at all the yummy stuff there..and thought i'd give it a try ~ love how it turned out. the challenge requires you to do a tag in the shape of a triangle ~ that's it..color..scheme..is up to the individual.
that lo is of our gd..*unwrapped* ~ at christmas last year..she got those mitts and hat from santa. and yep...that's the painting dh is workin on ~ it's his 4th class..amazin heh! i'm so impressed with the progress on it..whoa! if ya wanna see the first three classes and the progress/story behind it..check out my past posts..like seriously..he's doing that with one hand...his opposite hand..and lots of patience..unbeleivable! ALSO ~ A BIG HUGE HUG TO JACKIE ~ thanks so so much for the yummy RAK chickie ~ whoa..all that ribbon, those yummy flowers and wow..gorgeous card! THANKX

02 December 2008

~ Simple Pleasure ~

yep, that's about what i'd like to be doing right about now ~ sittin and relaxin, soakin in the sun ~ and enjoying the simple pleasures of nature. but, here i am ~ with this nasty cold..indoors ~ staying warm ~ and stayin away from everyone ~ i really don't what to give this to anyone ~ it's nasty. i'm crossing my fingers it'll be gone in the next day or so ~ dh and i are invited to a christmas get together.
i did that lo of dh ~ i used ~ Layers of Color ~ stamps for the strip in the middle and the border (the one with the bunny on it) ~ they're both stamped and embossed in black and have stickles for that added touch. i totally wuv that design. the pic is placed on with pop dots to give a 3D effect. that pic was taken at a bed and breakfast dand i stayed at in sorrento. theo and anita were FABULOUS hosts. the journaling reads: blind bay ~ flower garden ~ bed and breakfast ~ sorrento, bc ~ anita g ~ .08 ~ anyhoo ~ i am a happy camper today ~ i received my order from lil scrappers and i got some glimmer mists..whoa..that stuff is kewl! i've been playing with it a little..i love the effect of it. i've been serching online for some techniques..and hope to get scrappy happy with them in the next day or so when i'm feeling a tad better. well ~ i'm off ~ got a few things to do around the house ~ then i'm spending some time with dh..have an awesome day chickies!