02 August 2009

~ life changes ~

heh all you scrappin happy chickies! (*insert* mel waving madly) i've SO missed ya'all!
wow ~ it's been like *foreva* since i blogged! dh and i have been SO busy this past month or so. definitely lots of life changes here. we put the house up for sale ~ so we've had lots of peeps coming by! between that, going to appointments, going camping, visiting the family and gks and just living life ....we haven't really had much time to really breathe! BUT...the house is sold, house is packed up, house is in storage and here we are back at our rv campsite ~ enjoying this beautiful sunshine and relaxin. let me tell ya ~ it is well deserved after this past month! my goodness ~ i never thought it would end! so with the house sold now...dh and i are gettin a new fifth wheel ~ a 38 footer ~ with 4 pop outs..and gonna be rv'in it full time. we found an absolutely beautiful spot to park it full time in a lil town up-island called coombs! we just love it here. there's a 2.5 man-made lake, a swimming pool, hottub, lots of walking paths, friendly peeps..and beautiful scenery...can't beat that! i've attached a couple pics so you can see what a lil bit of our rv looks like. (that's the living room, kitchen, and eatin area)....nice eh! man..i so can't wait to get moved in! with all that done, too, all my scrappin happy goodies are in storage ~ so no scrappin for me til sept. we're in the camptsite, but because the campsites are all booked up til sept ~ dh and i gotta move around sites, til we can get our permanat site sept 8th. yep............we're STOKED! in the meantime, i got the laptop here...got some time on my hands now..so i'll be back chattin it up and catchin up with all your creations and bloggin it! so looking forward to seeing what you've all created. love ya'all chickies and hope you're enjoying this beautiful summer.


Colleen said...

How exciting for you. Just keep us filled up with photos of your travels.

Traci said...

Congrats on selling your house! Sounds like you have been very busy packing and moving! Love the picture of your new RV. It looks so nice inside! I can see why people love to travel in them so much; just like home!

Yvonne said...

Hi Mel!
So nice to hear from you. Seems like you`ve had a busy summer!
Wow your rv is gorgeous! I can easily see why you love it there.
I`ll be missing your creations, though...:)
Take care!
Big hugs, Yvonne.

ms318i said...

hey you crazy rv'n canadians........yep my new name for you guys lol

soooooooooooooooooo missed reading your blog.........but i guess you have been busy !

just sending big hugz and kisses from us and will call ya soon

love ya heaps ....hugz to my bikerboy too

Rita said...

Hi Mel!
Sending you lots of BIG HUGS! I miss ya darlin and think of you and Monte often! Congrats on your home sell and good luck on your new adventure. Your RV is beautiful!!

Love ya friend!

Jackie said...

WooHooo, way to go Mel!!! Now that is the kind of life style I dream off :) Congrats!!!

BethieJ said...

Oh Mel what an EXCITING time for you!! CONGRATS on your new adventure!!!!! Cant wait to see photos of it all!!

Barb said...

Woohoo, great looking RV, bet you guys are having a hoot. Enjoy!

Sandie said...

Hi Mel......it's Sandie here, waving at ya from th UK. I've not been around much either, but for different reasons. If there is a little bit of heaven in this world, I reckon you have just found it. What a wonderful time you will have. Your RV is to die for, fabulous or what.....feeling jealous here,lol.
Lots of happiness to you,
hugs Sandie xx

Laura said...

What a relief to have most of that behind you now! And WOW!! what a gorgeous RV!! Oh My! Sounds like such a perfect place of peace for you, I'm so glad you have that to look forward to. I look forward to September too, when you're back to getting scrappylicious! Take care in the meantime. God Bless you and your family!

TraceyT said...

The whole house thing is a huge job. I am so glad things have turned out the way you wanted. Have fun with this new chapter!!

Desire Fourie said...

Hi Melody. Oh this sounds all exciting, but I guess a bit stressful as well, especially since your crafty stuff is still in storage, but enjoy the ride in the meantime.

Dawn said...

Aww Melody have been missing your posts and wonderful inspiration..
Wow that is one damned fine RV - and wow what a life changing thing to do - Go for it gal, it sounds like heaven... and you got your house sold real quick too...

Take it easy


katy said...

Hi Melody, congrats on selling the house and WOW what a gorgeous RV...sounds like there's lots of fun, happy times ahead for you, hugs Katy x

Allison Cope said...

Look at you... traveling in style girlie! Good to hear that your house is sold and that things seem to be going well! Say hi to your hubby for me!!!