28 August 2009

~ published ~

happy scrappy friday chickies! whoa...it's been like..foreva since i've been able to blog it. only two more weeks til dh and i are settled into our new rv. man, i so can't wait to get moved in and get my internet back up and running again. i've really missed peekin at all you work and leavin some lovin.
anyhoo ~ i so gotta share with ya ~ I'VE GOTTEN PUBLISHED..........WHOHOO! yepperz ~ in the canadian scrapbooker mag. volume 4. yep, if ya got the mag ~ check it out chickies ~ it's on page 74. at the bottom. i'm so stoked! this is my first time eva being published ~ so bare with me as i have some *braggin rights* for a few. i've been waiting for the mag to get out on the shelves and low and behold dh ran across it today ~ yep ~ bought myself 3 copies! i took that pic of dh at a bed and breakfast we stayed at, so i'm sending a copy of the mag to the lady who owns the property. dd's gettin the 2nd copy and the 3rd is gettin sent all the way to aussie land to my bestest scrappin aussie chickie ~ marina. ssshhh..she don't know yet! yep...gonna sign that one. i told her if i ever got published she get a signed copy. now i just gotta hunt her down and get her addy, since i've got it packed away. sorry i can't post a pic of the whole lo ~ i'm on dh's laptop and don't have a copy of it ~ so, i'll have to update this post at a later date.
ok..........i'm done braggin!
hope you're all doing well chickies and life is treating ya with lots of lovin, laughter and sunshine. i think of ya'all often. so, in the meantime til i can get back on-line on a regular basis ~ know you're in my thoughts and i'm sending lots of big huge cyber hugz your way!


ms318i said...

wooohooooooooo congrats sweetie....brag away.......that's sooooooooooo exciting !

....can't wait to get a signed copy !

actually......i want it hand delivered lol hurry and get your butts down here !

but congrats again sweetie.......your work is amazing......you are the exacto queen !

p.s i won't tell that aussie you are sending her a copy lol

Vickie said...

Oh my gosh!! Congratulation!! I don't know if I ever saw this magazine where I live:(

Colleen said...

How awesome. Congratulations. I am really not surprised you are so talented. I miss you and hope you are having fun.

Barb said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you being published, it is a beautiful layout.

Jackie said...

Oh Mel I am so darned happy for you, you deserved to be published.

Yvonne said...

My GOSH, Mel - I`m so HAPPY for you!!
Congratulations!!! This is awesome news, and so well deserved. Cant wait to see the whole layout!
Have a great day, Mel.
Big hugs, Yvonne.

Ikki said...

Wow, getting published is indeed something to shout about. SO SHOUT ON! Well done, great job. Hope you get settle soon. ikki SBS26

joni said...

Congrats Mel!!! So dang happy for you!!!! :) And the fact that you now have an internet stick!!! :)a

Bee10 said...

Fab well done and well deserved. Good luck and happiness with your move
Barbara (UK's)

Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow, congrats Melody on getting published. Its great when there recognition where its due.

Dawn said...

Yaaaay - Way to go Girlie!!!
Can't believe you haven't been published already - here's to many more.... The L/O looks amazing of course..
Hope you are livin' the happy life and lovin' every minute..

thanks for stopping by today



BethieJ said...

YEAH MEL!!! I am so EXCITED for you! Your work is BEAUTIFUL and SHOULD be PUBLISHED often!!
Hope all is going well with your EXCITING new changes!!! Happy moving! :)

Shirley said...

Congrats on the pub Mel! Well deserved!

ms318i said...

good to see you back online mel...............

just wanted to say i got the mag.....and it's sitting proudly opened on my scrapbooking shelving !

how's the new home???????? need pics

hugz to you and my bikerboy

TraceyT said...

That is just AWESOME!!! HUGE congrats to you. :)

jonaks said...

huge congrats too you!!! you really are an awesome artist!