28 November 2009

~ 2 in 1 card ~ SCD

heh there chickies! ah...no rain today! whohoo! i got outside today...did a lil venturing down town. dh and i went to a craft sale, had some lunch, went to the beach for a bit, then home for a nice campfire. what a way to spend a saturday! fresh air, awesome peeps & nature. can't beat that! and to top it off ~ i got scrappy happy! another week has gone by and a new challenge has been posted over at Something Completely Different. the challenge this week is *red & white snowman*. i did a 2 in 1 card as i wanted to send a dear friend an ornament from my tree to her tree. the snowman ornament is attached with velcro, so it can be taken off..and the lil *warm holiday wishes* tag can be put in its place. hope she likes it. oh and...sorry for the pics! it's night time here...and i so gotta retake the pics! hopefully, it'll be another nice day tomorrow and i can get some natural light! anyhoo, hope you all had a awesome day ~ are havin an awesome evening ~ and are gonna have an awesome sleep! hugz to ya'all


25 November 2009

~ new week ~ new challenges!

heh chickies! hope the sun is shining where you are ~ and you're all havin a rawkin scrappy happy day! it's STILL raining here ~ whoa ~ yep...it's like..totally wet out there. but, that's ok...gives me time inside to get a lil scrappin done...can't complain about that. so, with that said ~ here's two projects i just finished up. the first one is for Tuesday Taggers ~ a challenge that's all about the *celebration of light*. i stamped on my candles....ok..not the bestest job..but ~ it was my 1st time trying that technique ~ ah..not that hard! i've seen it done lots...so i thought i'd take the plunge. i'm pretty happy with the results..and will definitely try it again. the 2nd creation is for Project Tuesday ~ which is a great lil note book holder. it's so quick and easy peasy to do ~ and makes an awesome lil gift and was another great challenge. i'm giving these lil goodies to a friend in her lil santa pressie ~ ...ssshhh! well ~ i'm off to do a lil tidying and spend some time cuddling my dh! hope you have an awesome day!


20 November 2009

~ blue and white ~ snowflakes

yep.....i read it right this week! the challenge that is...over at Something Completely Differentt. after last week ~ i thought i had better double take it before i got started. foolish me. guess i should wear my glasses more often. anyhoo ~ the challenge this week is *blue and white and snowflakes*. for my card ~ i used a *cross* stamp for the snowflakes. sssshhh...don't tell! i stamped 6 of them. cut 3 of them in full size. then for the top layer of the snowflake ~ i cut just a cross part out and placed on top ~ added some white stickles ~ and whalaa ~ my interpretation of a snowflake! i also added white rubon snowflakes on the background cs ~ hole punched the border and used a white gel pen for the stitching.

18 November 2009

~ two challenges ~


whohoo ~ no rain today! the puddles have finally gone away! man, i'm stoked. it was getting so dreary around here. the sun isn't out ~ but, the sky is clear! ah.....what a nice feeling. at least i can go outside and not get wet! anyhoo ~ i did up that lil box for this week's challenge over at Project Tuesday. and whoa...i gotta say ~ what a kewl lil project. the peek a boo box is only 2.25x2.25" when finished. it's great for putting lil goodies in. i haven't quite decided what's going in mine yet. the ladies over at PT have made some awesome lil boxes and have some great ideas for pressies. check it out chickies ~ it would be great to see ya join us. also, i did that card up for Tuesday Taggers ~ whoa..it's been foreva since i played along there! the challenge this week is red, gold and green. i handcut the sleigh and reindeer...and added some snow glue on the sleigh. ACK...it's not showing up in the pic..yep..i'll have to do a retake pic. there's a pic there, too..of the lil hidden card that pulls out. anyhoo, thankx again ladies for your awesome inspiration. i'll definitely be checking back for next weeks challenge. well, that's it for my goodies today. i'm off to do some cleaning up and take dh to an appointment down island. hope you all have a rawkin scrappy happy day!

13 November 2009

~ pink and a tree ~

happy scrappy friday chickies! hope you're all havin a great start to the weekend. this card is for Something Completely Different challenge this week. ok...someone kick me! i totally sucked at reading the theme for this week's challenge ~ which is PINK and a tree. ok...so, i start making the card..get everything all done....go back to SCD and re-read...only to find it's supposed to have PINK in the challenge. well...duh! so, i take off the red ribbon i had on the top of the ribbon tree and the green bling...and replaced them with a pink ones. well...i can't say i didn't try! and i did enjoy making the card and doing that ribbon tree. whohoo! ok...i promise *myself* to read the theme more carefully next time! ACK! anyhoo, hope you all have a rawkin scrappy happy weekend.

11 November 2009

~ i'm so blessed...~

because you're in it! yep, that's the title of my card for this week's challenge over at Project Tuesday (the challenge is to create a lil pocket card). and *I AM BLESSED* because you're in it. you have all touched my heart in some way or another and for that i am very grateful. just as it is remembrance day today ~ it is a time to remember our veterans who have gone before us ~ for our troops today ~ and for that i am very grateful. so, on this 11 month ~ on the 11th hour ~ two minutes of silence will be held. and if you get a chance chickies to check out this video *pittance of time* click on the 3rd one ~ please do ~ it is well worth it. dh and i will be spending some time with the veterans today at the legion for a little luncheon. LEST WE FORGET. hope you all have a wonderful day!

07 November 2009

~ christmas at SCD ~

heh chickies! can you beleive it ~ no rain today. man, i was beginning to wonder. it's been pouring buckets for dayz here. but, the sun is trying to peek through the clouds today. i'm stoked. anyhoo, i took a peek over at Something Completely Different . yep, another week..and a brand new challenge. this week's challenge is *holly and the ivy ~ using the colors, green red and gold*. here's what i created. i gold embossed the edging on the layers of the card. love that old santa. i got the image from a collage sheet i bought from artchix studio. ya just gotta love that vintage stuff! oh ya, and the overlay is also from artchix studio..i'm just starting to play with those. so yummy! well, today...i'm takin it easy. gotta make a trip to the local lss at some point. i odered some glimmer mist and some smooch. i so can't wait to get playing with it. hope you all have a rawkin scrappy happy day.

05 November 2009

~ project tuesday ~

hi chickies! hope you're all gettin scrappy happy and gettin them creative juices going. i got to playing today and did up a lo and a triangle box. man, it's been like...*foreva* since i scrapped a lo.........june i think! ACK! not good! i feel like i've lost some of my mojo. anyhoo, the lo is of my two dd's ~ mel jr and juanita! the triangle box is for a challenge over at Project Tuesday. they have a great tutorial, so if ya get a chance chickies..check it out and play along! well, that's it for now..i'm off to do some heavy duty scrappy cleaning. whoa...did i create a mess today! have a rawkin day and hope the sun is shining where you are. (speaking of rain...sorry for the pics! i dont' have any natural lighting today, so there's not too much clarity.................ah...i tried)

01 November 2009

~ happy halloween ~ SCD

inchie removed for retake

heh chickies! hope everyone had a save and fun halloween and didn't get scared by too many goblins. dh and i stayed home for the evening and vegged watchin movies...ah that was nice! well..i did up the challenge for Something Completely Different ..which.. was nothin else..but halloween. i handcut that spider's web and the lil spider...then added some glitter to the spider..nothin fancy pancy...but, eh..i made the attempt! i didn't have too much halloween goodies to play with...so, i worked with what i had. and of course...i'm still workin on my christmas cards ~ so here's another one. that pic there is of our gd..yeppers..all dressed up for halloween...isn't she a doll! also, thankx so much for all your prayers and thoughts. dh's surgery had to get cancelled..bummer..but, he was sick and we didn't want to take any chances. he had some major flu symtoms goin on! ACK! anyhoo, i'm phonin monday to get rescheduled. but, i do want to sincerely thank you all for your concerns. hugz to ya'all!