08 April 2010

~ whoa - it's been a long time! ~

i handcut the butterfly from the pp ~ added some
stickles to the edgesand handstitched the butterfly trails

the bird and leaves are stamped and handcut ~ the
flower is handcut with stickles for a final touch

i double stamped - double layered the butterfly
the flowers are stamped and handcut for placement

hiya chickies! wowza ~ it's been..like..foreva since i've blogged it! i've had to take a *time out* and take care of some personal stuff ~ and i've missed ya lots! hope everyone has been busy gettin scrappy happy! i can't wait to get over and check out your blogs and see what i've missed. i've been thinkin of ya'all. i haven't done too much creating this past month or so...ack...just *no mojo*! anyhoo...i sat down the other night and and managed to pull a few cards together ~ it felt like i was a beginner scrapper ~ ack! ii honestly felt like i *lost my touch*...kwim! well..i hope to get back at it a lil more often ~ and get back to bloggin, too! in the meantime ~ while my papers and goodies wait for me to create again ~ i'm gonna be visiting *you*. hope you have a rawkin scrappy happy week. oh...ya..those are the cards i created. ah...that felt good! hugz to ya all!


Clarky J said...

Oh Meloday thank goodness you are ok I have been wondering about about you and missing you loads x Glad you are feeling a little better Huge hugs xx Janet

Colleen said...

It sure doesn't look like you have lost your touch, beautiful work.

Carol said...

wow gorgeous pieces as always Melody glad to see you about again...xx

Zoechaos said...

Missed you loads and wondered what could have happened. Hope the stuff has been resolved OK. Pleased to see you back and creating more beautiful things (((Hugs)))

katy said...

Heyyyyy Melody, so lovely to hear from you, thank you for leaving me such a sweet message as always, never fails to make me smile :D I know where you are coming from completely about the mojo, losing my pc for a month made me realise how absorbing blogging really is, it's good to have some time out to recharge creativity i think. But have to confess even though I enjoyed in someway not having access to the internet a part of me missed all the inspiration, including your work Melody which is always a treat, take good care of yourself, catch up soon, love Katy x

donnacr said...

Glad to see you " back " chickie :-) Your cards are beautiful and I hope life settles down to a dull roar for you and that a bunny rabbit brings back your mojo !!!


Those are gorgeous! The last one is my favorite!

Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow Melody, these creations are out of this world. So love the creativeness on them and all those lovely textures.

Pia said...

woooow what a beautiful card, lovely details and colours.
hugs Piaxx

Sheila MJ said...

Oh they are all lovely.

TraceyT said...

These are all just gorgeous, but I think the second is my fav! Beautiful color combo!
Hope all is well!

Lois said...

Hey Melody.
Glad to see you back and scrappin!
Never fear about loosing your touch...it's like riding a bike..you just get on and start moving.
Have a great week.

deb said...

My dear friend. I think about you often and get by to check your gorgeous works of "heart" occasionally...Looks like you have been taking a sabbatical. Hope things are well in your part of the world. Hug and love, Deb.

jonaks said...

hey there! I miss you. I love you cards!!!

BethieJ said...

Just thinking about ya! Hope all is well!!! Miss seeing your BEAUTIFUL creations!!!

Morti said...

Long time no see Mel! what are you up to these days - four months since a blog post!!!

Dawn said...

aaaahat last inspiration - love these cards and all those cut pieces are stunning.
I haven't had much moj either Melody and just about manage a post a week nowadays!



jonaks said...

oh Mel, these are lovely cards!