20 February 2012


simplify. yep. simply simplify. that's my new goal. no more burning myself out. no more trying to keep up with 'everything'. i'm just gonna simply 'keep it simple'. stop and smell the roses. breathe in some more fresh air. smile a lil more. hug a lil more. appreciate the simple joys of life. my coffee. a campfire. my family. friends. hold hands. cuddle with dh. take care of me. create a lil. enjoy life. and love a lil more. simply...'simplify'.

'simply' havin fun with my camera.

this sits on my kitchen counter.
i created this easel card for dh
'i love you' 
handmade roses ~ stamped butterflies ~ heart tails
lil handbag. card.  for a friend.
today...thoughts of my friends make me smile.